Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday 23rd May

Smack! The BRICs Hit a Wall of Their Own Making - Business - The Atlantic {}

How 'Robocop' Predicted Everything Important About Modern America—Back in 1987 - Business Insider {}

EXCLUSIVE: Here's The Inside Story Of What Happened On The Facebook IPO - Business Insider {}

Greeks embrace some new myths about life with the euro | Reuters {}

Euro collapse needn’t torpedo global economy
LONDON (MarketWatch) — It isn’t hard to understand why the financial markets are going into the summer looking shaky. Fresh Greek elections are set for next month, and may trigger a disorderly exit from the single currency. There is a slow-motion run on the Spanish banking system underway. Contagion from the euro crisis threatens to spill out into the rest of the world
- Matthew Lynn's London Eye - MarketWatch {}

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