Thursday, 30 January 2014

30th Jan

Follow up on Howard Mark's piece last week in relation to Perkins recent moan for being in the top 1%
The Myth of the “Self Made Man”

Talks about people overlaying charts with similar look historical charts to generate attention. Pattern recognition should be used to
Games People Play: That 1929 Analogy

Cool page ,
Oil Boom: See A Modern-Day Gold Rush In Motion with animation from gifs

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

29th of Jan

With Turkey increasing Interest rates from 7.5 to 12% , it makes you wonder about the tools central banks have, and perhaps we pay them too much attention..
Do High Interest Rates Defend Currencies During Speculative Attacks?

This is clarification on yesterdays article about how we can trust China's growth figures
The Reliability of Chinese GDP, Again

Why investors aren't snapping up cheap, battered emerging markets

An engine better suited for a motorbike.. 400 bhp
Nissan’s Crazy-Powerful New Engine Weighs Just 88 Pounds

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

28th Jan

Japan-China war of words goes ballistic in Davos 'Listening to the raw passion in the voices of Shinzo Abe and Wang Yi over the last 24 hours, I think there is an astonishing level complacency about the world's most dangerous fault-line.'

Buffett’s Fourth Law of Motion: Your Behavior

Alternatice to Bitcoin, Cash pours into Aussie joke virtual currency 'With respect, this is an unwitting ponzi scheme.'

Reading into China's trade numbers
China’s phony exports return

Contrary to yesterday's article, (Go Small If You Want the Best Returns)
Does the Small-Cap Premium Exist?

Dieting has perhaps been covered more in the past than Bitcoin, but this is interesting

Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday 27th

A lot of press over the weekend covering the top 1% killing the American dream. Tom Perkins asks whether a "progressive Kristallnacht" is coming, with the rising tide of hatred of the successful one percent
Venture Capitalist Compares Liberal Fight Against Gross Inequality To Kristallnacht
Then Krugman as a small piece here covering it and boasting his American political history
Paul Krugman: Paranoia of the Plutocrats{}

less contagious than it looks but good breakdown of recent global currency moves
Interpreting Recent Emerging Market Currency Movements

On the big sell-off in emerging market currencies in The Economist. The broader question is whether these sell-offs are just "little local difficulties" or are a herald of a 1997/1998-style collapse?
The perils of denial

Don’t Assassinate Your Small Investor Advantage, 
Go Small If You Want the Best Returns

Friday, 24 January 2014

24th Jan

Heavy reading on shadow banking, another definition..
The Shadow Banking System is an Unstable Funding System for Banks, Not Assets
'The New York Fed monograph is often used to demonstrate how complicated and virtually incomprehensible the shadow banking system is.'

Oh, this is how it works, yo'll need to print a 48" poster to read it.

Don’t believe the hype about behavioral economics ,  - behavioral economics is over-rated because of her cognitive biases

An interesting piece trying to establish momentum in stocks. Highlight the flaws in historical trending and how arbitrary it can be by picking particular dates.
"With a 1-in-4 chance of getting a 20%+ return when investing money on any random day it puts in perspective that while 2013 was great it is not as unusual as many think."

Most Germans don’t buy their homes, they rent. Here’s why