Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday 31st May

After all it is the Farmers' fault.. I'm glad to clear that up..
ALWAYS SELL IN MAY (or when people are too clever for their own good)

Nassim Taleb, author of “The Black Swan,” said he favors investing in Europe over the U.S. even with the possible breakup of the single European currency in part because of the euro area’s superior deficit situation.

How Political Clout Made Banks Too Big to Fail - Bloomberg

The U.S. has historically kept the financial sector in check through a combination of sound principles and serendipitous decisions. But as the financial system gained strength in recent years, it also gained political influence. In the last decade, it has become too concentrated and too powerful, which has damaged not only the economy but the financial sector itself.

‘Hitler’ Hashimoto Comes to Japan Fed Up With Status Quo - Bloomberg
Certainly not the majority of the 2.7 million people in the western Japanese city. Toru Hashimoto boasts an approval rating more than twice that of the prime minister. Osakans love their mayor’s crusade against Tokyo’s dysfunction and absolute power over the country. It has Japan’s old guard running scared and comparing Hashimoto to Europe’s most notorious genocidal fascist.{}

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday 30th May

China Prudence without a purpose |
Miser and wanton?
 The Economist {}

Is the China Model a Myth? | All Roads Lead to China - Business News, Analysis, and Insights from China {}


"Asia Exposed" by Stephen S. Roach
Asian authorities were understandably smug in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008-2009. Growth in the region slowed sharply, as might be expected of export-led economies confronted with the sharpest collapse in global trade since the 1930’s. But, with the notable exception of Japan, which suffered its deepest recession of the modern era, Asia came through an extraordinarily tough period in excellent shape.
 | Project Syndicate {}

London Banker: "Heads I win, tails you lose."
'hedge funds were less a new method for investment, than a new method for higher remuneration.'

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday 29th May

TheMoneyIllusion » The mysterious Japanese economy
'Westerners don’t have a clue as to what is going on in Japan'

Business cycles: Tracking the euro-zone economy in real time | The Economist {}

 ‘UK rates are (possibly) coming down’
FT Alphaville {}

Chinese defaults prompt mystery -
Over the last two weeks, Chinese consumers of thermal coal and iron ore have been defaulting on their contracts, sending prices sharply down.

Dollar Scarce as Top-Quality Assets Shrink 42%
The dollar is proving scarce, even after the Federal Reserve flooded the financial system with an extra $2.3 trillion, as the amount of the highest-quality assets available worldwide shrinks.
 Bloomberg {}

The End Of The Euro: A Survivor’s Guide | The Baseline
In every economic crisis there comes a moment of clarity.  In Europe soon, millions of people will wake up to realize that the euro-as-we-know-it is gone.  Economic chaos awaits them.Scenario {}

Britain's climate change policy is going up in smoke |
Coal and gas emissions targets have been abandoned, by sleight of hand, to the inferno of the energy bill
George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian {}

Top 5 delusional ideas China bulls have {}

Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday the 28th May

Forecasters Flying Blind When Predicting Repercussions of Greek Exit - Real Time Economics - WSJ {}

CITI: The Rise And Fall Of The Equity Cult - Business Insider {}

Resilient China: How strong is China’s economy? | The Economist {}


News International 'tried to blackmail select committee'
 Met told to investigate claim that MPs were targeted to gather dirt for intimidation plot that was ordered from outside the newsroom
The Independent {}

Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday 25th May

What happens if China only grows 3% a year for the next decade? research puzzle pix by tom brakke {}

The worst of the May selling may be behind us | Emerging Markets | Emerging Money {}

The seeds of a new secular bull market are being sown | Abnormal Returns {}

Not enough panic?
Why hasn't sentiment measures moved into zones indicating excessive fear?
Humble Student of the Markets: {}

Foreigners in China: Barbarians at the gate, again | The Economist {}

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday 24th May

Eurobonds: The Issue That Could Shatter Europe
If the Germans give in and decide that they are willing to deeply subsidize their profligate neighbors indefinitely, then the euro could potentially be saved.  If not, then this issue could end up shattering Europe.

China Pledges More ‘Fine-Tuning’ in Support for Growth -
China’s leaders pledged to intensify “fine-tuning” of policies in the second government statement in four days signaling a commitment to growth as domestic demand slows and Europe’s debt crisis escalates.Bloomberg {}

UK's Top 10 most complained about financial products - Telegraph {}

Zero interest rate: can Britain's consumers learn from Japan? - Telegraph {}

China plans brokerage reforms to create its own Goldman Sachs
China is rolling out sweeping brokerage reforms to nurture future global investment banks that officials hope could eventually compete with the likes of Goldman Sachs (GS.N) and Morgan Stanley (MS.N), a regulatory document showed.
Reuters {}

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday 23rd May

Smack! The BRICs Hit a Wall of Their Own Making - Business - The Atlantic {}

How 'Robocop' Predicted Everything Important About Modern America—Back in 1987 - Business Insider {}

EXCLUSIVE: Here's The Inside Story Of What Happened On The Facebook IPO - Business Insider {}

Greeks embrace some new myths about life with the euro | Reuters {}

Euro collapse needn’t torpedo global economy
LONDON (MarketWatch) — It isn’t hard to understand why the financial markets are going into the summer looking shaky. Fresh Greek elections are set for next month, and may trigger a disorderly exit from the single currency. There is a slow-motion run on the Spanish banking system underway. Contagion from the euro crisis threatens to spill out into the rest of the world
- Matthew Lynn's London Eye - MarketWatch {}

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday 21st May

China buyers defer raw material cargos -
Chinese consumers of thermal coal and iron ore are asking traders to defer cargos and – in some cases – defaulting {}, also {}

JP Morgan executive to walk away with millions following trading loss
Ina Drew, the executive who ran the department behind JP Morgan's $2bn (£1.2bn) trading loss, has left the bank and will walk away with about $32m
Telegraph {}

The bullish case for the hated gold mining stocks. {}

"Why China Won’t Rule"
 Is China poised to become the world’s next superpower? 
 by Robert Skidelsky | Project Syndicate {}

FT Alphaville » China’s mega dash for the dollar {}

The only way to stop a eurozone bank run - 
If you want to know what will drive the eurozone to destruction, my advice would be to follow the money, and ignore the real economy.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday 21st

All Euro stuff so far..but the picture is becoming clearer

A permanent precedent -
Good explanation of the chaos that a Greek exit from the eurozone would cause

Reasons why Spain cannot stay in the euro.
China Financial Markets  » Europe’s depressing prospects {}

The euro marriage can be saved
Just like a relationship, the crisis in Europe will only start being resolved if all parties begin accepting their share of the blame| Paul Seabright | Comment is free | The Guardian {}

BBC Interview with Nassim Taleb on JPMorgan 'The more I look into this and think about it, the more that Barack Obama's 'favorite banker' looks like Enron in their heyday' {}

Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday 18th May

Chart o’ the Day: Americans Couldn’t Care Less About the Problems in Europe | The Reformed Broker {}

Sober Look: Argentina is not making many friends internationally {}

Greek euro tragedy nears final act | Business | {}

Greek crisis: UK banks have just £6bn exposure
Banks have cut back their exposure since 2011 as they were instructed by UK regulators to plan for a Greek euro exit | Business | {}

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thursday 17th May

We Are Watching The Greek Banking System Die Right In Front Of Our Eyes
Money is being pulled out of Greek banks at an alarming rate, and if something dramatic is not done quickly Greek banks are going to start dropping like flies. {}

More on this, Slanders view..

BBC News - Greek banks, the euro and the ECB
Talk of a run on Greek deposits, and some banks being cut off from European Central Bank (ECB) support, have added a fresh twist to scary talk about Greece and the euro.

Is Canada grappling with Dutch Disease?
Conventional wisdom says that Canada is fighting a crippling bout of Dutch Disease.
- The Globe and Mail {}

Why China’s RMB exodus IS the story
' Forget about Greece and the euro. China’s capital outflow problem is the real ticking time-bomb for markets.
If China fails to plug this problem sharpish, the world’s biggest put option — the China growth story — could quite genuinely come undone.' FT Alphaville »  {}

Italy's banks shaken as economic slump deepens
As Greece erupts, Italy is moving into the eye of the storm. Its economy is contracting at speeds not seen since the depths of the slump in 2009 as draconian austerity bites, greatly increasing the risk of social revolt and a banking crisis.
With the world's third largest debt after the US and Japan at €1.9 trillion (£1.18 trillion), it is big enough to bring the global financial system to its knees.
Telegraph {}

Weisbrot and Krugman are Wrong: Greece cannot pull off an Argentina « Yanis Varoufakis {}

Beppe Grillo Shakes Up Italian Politics -
Italy that, in his words, invented evil banks, the Mafia and fascism -- and not much else.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wednesday 16th May

Greek fire could singe rest of euro -
Contagion. It is the word markets have feared throughout the eurozone debt crisis. And a Greek exit from the single currency would bring it to the fore in ways unimagined until now. {}

Dissent Magazine - Online Features - End This Depression, But How?
Paul Krugman is stepping up to play the kind of role that John Maynard Keynes performed in the 1930s—arguing in clear accessible language for the government to spend to get us out of the slump.

BBC News - Carr: China concerned by Australia-US military ties
China has raised concerns over growing military ties between Australia and the US, Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr said as he visited Beijing.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tuesday 15th May

As European Austerity Ends, So Could the Euro - Bloomberg

How much structural unemployment was there during the Great Depression? — Marginal Revolution

Israel warned of volatile situation as Palestinian hunger strikers near death | World news |

China’s ugly April - MacroBusiness

Search Continues for Causes of Sukhoi Superjet Crash in Indonesia - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Greece Can No Longer Delay Euro Zone Exit  - Spiegel
After Greek voters rejected austerity in last week's election, plunging the country into a political crisis, Europe has been searching for a Plan B for Greece. It's time to admit that the EU/IMF rescue plan has failed. Greece's best hopes now lie in a return to the drachma.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday 14th May, commodity super cycle is over

Sober Look: More evidence of China's slowdown {}

Economists Expect China to Broaden Stimulus - {}

The big fertilizer play flying under the radar | Emerging Markets | Emerging Money {}

Bond yields jump sharply for Spain, Italy - MarketWatch (Spain 10yr 6.25%, Italy 5.7%) {}

Spanish Debt, the European Central Bank, and the Maginot Line | Beat the Press {}

Can London Afford the $14.5 Billion Price Tag of the Summer 2012 Olympic Games?
When London threw its name into the hat for the 2012 Olympics, many had doubts. Not former sport minister Tessa Jowell. Interviewing Tony Blair, Ken Livingstone, and others Jowell recruited to her cause, Michael Joseph Gross details the grueling, often farcical campaign that won the city its prize—plus a $14.5 billion tab.

Friday, 11 May 2012

11th MAY

Not much out there, I think everybody is bored of this week..

China’s Pulitzer Prize - 'being expelled was sort of like China’s version of the Pulitzer Prize'
*also a good catalogue of ols stories on video
Patrick Chovanec {}

Whale Trades
Concerns about the activities of Bruno Michel Iksil, a JP Morgan Chase trader known as “the London Whale” because of the size of his bets on the financial markets, have been dismissed by the bank in recent weeks as concerns about the size of a number of trades started to emerge.
{} & {}

Spain Underplaying Bank Losses Faces Ireland Fate - Bloomberg

China Industrial Output, Inflation Boost Easing Odds - Bloomberg

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thursday 10th May

Fed Foe Ron Paul Breakfasts With Bernanke at Central Bank - Real Time Economics - WSJ {}

FT Alphaville » A tipping point in eurozone crisis talk {}

AFP: China warns citizens as row with Philippines escalates {}

BBC News - Ferrari sorry after car damages Nanjing city wall {}

Ai Weiwei: Artistic licence | The Economist {}

Spain nationalises Bankia as euro crisis escalates - Telegraph {}

Who Wants to Buy Honduras? -
Shortly after the 2009 coup that overthrew Manuel Zelaya, Honduras’s newly elected president, Porfirio Lobo, asked his aides to think big, really big. How could Honduras, the original banana republic, reform a political and economic system that kept nearly two-thirds of its people in grim poverty? 
And the TED talk that inspired the idea

East Asia's top 5 island disputes - 
East Asia is home to several territorial disputes, which occasionally escalate into regional violence. Many of the island territories are small, isolated from the countries’ mainlands, and sparsely populated. But strategic interests and abundant natural resources make them valuable. Here are five of East Asia’s flashpoints:

BBC News - Prince Charles turns BBC Scotland weatherman

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wednesday the 9th May

The subpriming of commodities

FT Alphaville » {}

The euro crisis: Yes, there is austerity | The Economist
A FIERCE debate is raging within Europe over the question of austerity

“Where is Everybody?” . Where has all the volume gone?
 The Reformed Broker {}

11 Quotes That Show How Worried The Financial World Is About Europe Right Now

BBC News - Greece, France and the future of the euro
Financial markets were not surprised by the French or Greek election results, so they initially chose to be only mildly alarmed. But the more that investors and policymakers think about them, the more worried they are - for good reason.

Lighter note..
Life after Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld's sophisticated, strange sitcom inspired a whole generation of comics – so why is there nothing quite like it today? {}

China gas reforms spark investment boom; Reuters
China's big state companies, confident on the outlook for domestic natural gas reforms, are buying up local distributors and raising fresh capital - and making gas the hottest prospect for energy investment in the world's top energy consumer. {}

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tuesday 8th May

We must move beyond growth versus austerity
French and Greek voters have rejected Europe’s current macroeconomic framework.  The headlines cry that voters demand growth rather than austerity.  Yet growth is not a policy but an outcome.  A vote rejecting the incumbents does not define the policy alternatives. {}

Why a 'Greek Exit Would Be Bullish for Everyone'
Greece plunged into chaos following a sweeping leftist election outcome that rejected its two major ruling parties and placed in jeopardy an international bailout put in place to keep the euro together.

Spain Prepares New Push to Shore Up Banks
MADRID—The Spanish government said Monday it is preparing a rescue plan for Bankia SA, the country's largest ailing bank, as part of a renewed drive to shore up its wobbly banking industry amid unprecedented economic crisis. {}

France election results 2012: As Francois Hollande wins, Nicolas Sarkozy has met his Waterloo | Mail Online {}

Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday 7th

Merkozy End Means Franco-German Gulf; Greek Voters Rebel
Voters in Greece and France challenged austerity as Europe’s sole prescription for the financial crisis, adding pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to broaden her focus from debt reduction to save the euro region.
Bloomberg {}

Warsi, what is the difference betewwn dedt and deficit.. BBC News - The fine art of squeezing: Britain vs America {}

Economic View - Forget Europe. Worry About India. - {}

Germany's Choice: Embrace Change Or Dig In And Risk A Blowup - Business Insider {}

European Banks Stow Away Cash - {}

As President, Hollande Will Have No Choice But to Disappoint French - SPIEGEL ONLINE {}

Scary..Shock to Democracy: Nazi-Friendly Party Golden Dawn Enters Greek Parliament  {}

Amazon spoof reviews bring art of satire to website | Technology | The Observer

Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday 4th May

Still loving Krugman's responce to Ron Paul earlier this week
"I'm not a defender of the economic policies of the Emperor Diocletion, let's make that clear." but he has come up with the answer now...

How to End This Depression How to End This Depression by Paul Krugman | The New York Review of Books {}

Why New York Times Economist Paul Krugman Is Partly Right But Mostly Wrong {}

This UK Tabloid Story About The Secret EU Plot To 'Scrap Britain' Is Hilarious - Business Insider {}

 A Friend Will in a new comedy  RTÉ Storyland {}

 Ron Swanson’s 10 Secrets of Life  {}

 Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: Ulysses of the concrete steppes    {}

China Financial Markets » Revisiting predictions {}

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday the 3rd

 Why China’s commodities demand is different, China Steel story has a long way left to run, with India to follow : FT Alphaville » {}

The European Economy In April - Business Insider
Now that we have a chance to breathe, and look back over the last batch of PMI numbers for Europe, it becomes clear that April was just an extraordinarily bad month for economic activity.

It must be a culture thing.. {}  ....

John Arnold, the natural gas king, is closing his flagship fund. Centaurus Capital’s Energy Master Fund will return money to investors. Natural gas futures tumbled on the news. Arnold famously took opposing bets to Amaranth Advisors in 2006, gaining 300 per cent for his fund (Reuters). {}

Venus to appear in once-in-a-lifetime event
On 5 and 6 June this year, millions of people around the world will be able to see Venus pass across the face of the Sun in what will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. {}

Go Ron..
Our central bankers are intellectually bankrupt By Ron Paul - {}

Can Greek Election on Sunday Bring Change to the Country? Greek voters are slated to head for the polls this weekend. The candidates are pledging to change everything in the crisis-plagued country. But in many cases these promises are coming from the very politicians who helped drive the country into the abyss.- SPIEGEL ONLINE {}

China’s Vanishing Trade Imbalance -
America’s economic imbalance with China has been a singular concern of policy makers for more than half a decade. {}

China’s Population Crash Could Upend U.S. Policy - Bloomberg
It isn’t quite true that demography is destiny. But if Nicholas Eberstadt is right, our destiny is going to be shaped by demography in ways we may not expect.

The famous last words of Crocodile Edwards; SocGen super bear, Albert Edwards
see full doc here {}

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wednesday 2nd May

Growth: There is an alternative to austerity | The Economist THE backlash to the backlash against austerity seems now to be underway.

The Street Light: Turning the Tide on Austerity
This week the Economist places François Hollande, the socialist presidential candidate who is likely to win the election in France on May 6, on its cover with the headline "The rather dangerous Monsieur Hollande". {}

Greeks to Protest Austerity at May Day Rallies
Thousands of Greek workers were expected to protest austerity cuts as part of annual May Day rallies on Tuesday, days before a national election that risks derailing an international bailout keeping Greece afloat.
 - European Business News - CNBC {}

China Inflation On Its Way Down - Forbes {}

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tuesday 1st May

Companies ranging from China's biggest banks to the world's top makers of luxury goods have tapped the Hong Kong IPO market in the past three years, making it the world's leader. Investors Lose Patience for Hong Kong IPOs -

Spain Is the New Greece
Nearly one Spaniard in four is unemployed, according to data released on Friday, as the country’s economic and financial predicament prompted a government minister to talk of a “crisis of enormous proportions” EconoMonitor : EconoMonitor »

Economy Face Off: Ron Paul vs Paul Krugman: Video - Bloomberg {}also {}(with transcript)