Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday 7th

Merkozy End Means Franco-German Gulf; Greek Voters Rebel
Voters in Greece and France challenged austerity as Europe’s sole prescription for the financial crisis, adding pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to broaden her focus from debt reduction to save the euro region.
Bloomberg {}

Warsi, what is the difference betewwn dedt and deficit.. BBC News - The fine art of squeezing: Britain vs America {}

Economic View - Forget Europe. Worry About India. - {}

Germany's Choice: Embrace Change Or Dig In And Risk A Blowup - Business Insider {}

European Banks Stow Away Cash - {}

As President, Hollande Will Have No Choice But to Disappoint French - SPIEGEL ONLINE {}

Scary..Shock to Democracy: Nazi-Friendly Party Golden Dawn Enters Greek Parliament  {}

Amazon spoof reviews bring art of satire to website | Technology | The Observer

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