Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday 14th May, commodity super cycle is over

Sober Look: More evidence of China's slowdown {}

Economists Expect China to Broaden Stimulus - {}

The big fertilizer play flying under the radar | Emerging Markets | Emerging Money {}

Bond yields jump sharply for Spain, Italy - MarketWatch (Spain 10yr 6.25%, Italy 5.7%) {}

Spanish Debt, the European Central Bank, and the Maginot Line | Beat the Press {}

Can London Afford the $14.5 Billion Price Tag of the Summer 2012 Olympic Games?
When London threw its name into the hat for the 2012 Olympics, many had doubts. Not former sport minister Tessa Jowell. Interviewing Tony Blair, Ken Livingstone, and others Jowell recruited to her cause, Michael Joseph Gross details the grueling, often farcical campaign that won the city its prize—plus a $14.5 billion tab.

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