Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tuesday 15th May

As European Austerity Ends, So Could the Euro - Bloomberg http://bloom.bg/JfW3M2

How much structural unemployment was there during the Great Depression? — Marginal Revolution http://bit.ly/JfW6Yc

Israel warned of volatile situation as Palestinian hunger strikers near death | World news | guardian.co.uk http://bit.ly/JfW9mX

China’s ugly April - MacroBusiness http://bit.ly/JfW9TV

Search Continues for Causes of Sukhoi Superjet Crash in Indonesia - SPIEGEL ONLINE http://bit.ly/JfW8PX

Greece Can No Longer Delay Euro Zone Exit  - Spiegel
After Greek voters rejected austerity in last week's election, plunging the country into a political crisis, Europe has been searching for a Plan B for Greece. It's time to admit that the EU/IMF rescue plan has failed. Greece's best hopes now lie in a return to the drachma.

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