Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday 29th May

TheMoneyIllusion » The mysterious Japanese economy
'Westerners don’t have a clue as to what is going on in Japan'

Business cycles: Tracking the euro-zone economy in real time | The Economist {http://econ.st/MWWezU}

 ‘UK rates are (possibly) coming down’
FT Alphaville {http://on.ft.com/MWXIds}

Chinese defaults prompt mystery - FT.com
Over the last two weeks, Chinese consumers of thermal coal and iron ore have been defaulting on their contracts, sending prices sharply down.

Dollar Scarce as Top-Quality Assets Shrink 42%
The dollar is proving scarce, even after the Federal Reserve flooded the financial system with an extra $2.3 trillion, as the amount of the highest-quality assets available worldwide shrinks.
 Bloomberg {http://bloom.bg/JqNfDX}

The End Of The Euro: A Survivor’s Guide | The Baseline
In every economic crisis there comes a moment of clarity.  In Europe soon, millions of people will wake up to realize that the euro-as-we-know-it is gone.  Economic chaos awaits them.Scenario {http://bit.ly/Lav6LX}

Britain's climate change policy is going up in smoke |
Coal and gas emissions targets have been abandoned, by sleight of hand, to the inferno of the energy bill
George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian {http://bit.ly/LavgmL}

Top 5 delusional ideas China bulls have {http://bit.ly/Lavv0T}

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