Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday April 28th

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Hendry is still very bearish on China. He doesn't think that China will be supplanting the US economy as the world's #1 Hugh Hendry Letter To Shareholders - Business Insider {}

Spain's Unemployment Jumps, Deepening Crisis - {}

Bet on the banks in Singapore | Emerging Markets | Emerging Money {}

FT Alphaville » China is being buried alive in copper {}

The impact of fiscal austerity in the eurozone | Martin Wolf's Exchange | Economic commentary from the Financial Times – {}

Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday the 13th, April 2012

What’s in the Emerging Markets Index? | The Reformed Broker {}

World Bank Cuts China 2012 Growth Outlook on Exports - Bloomberg {}

Bank of America sues itself — no joke - Nashville Business Journal {}

5 Most Useful Websites & Tools | The Big Picture {}

The Return of the Spanish Flu: Uncertainty about Spain Worries Euro Zone - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News -
The markets appeared to have forgotten about the euro crisis for a few weeks, but now uncertainty is returning, with yields rising again on Spanish and Italian government bonds. The effects of the ECB's massive cash injection are wearing off, and Spain's banks have already reportedly run out of the cheap cash they got from the central bank.International {}

Singapore GDP Rebounding Prompts Faster Currency Gains - Bloomberg {}

Patrick Chovanec, How Low Can Bo Go? Some thoughts on the big political drama unfolding in Beijing {}

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thurday 12th April

The Imbalances in China's Economy - {}

Bumitama Agri Ltd. (BAL) , an Indonesian palm-oil producer, jumped 29 percent to 97 Singapore cents. The company raised S$222 million ($176 million) via DBS!, selling 297.6 million shares for 74.5 Singapore cents each in its initial public offering. Bloomberg {}

Interview with Luxembourg Foreign Minister: 'Grass Is Being Treated Like an Outcast'
Israel as the aggressor and Iran as the victim? Günter Grass got his line of argument wrong in his controversial poem, argues Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn in a SPIEGEL ONLINE interview. But the poem has triggered an important debate about how Germany should approach Israel's decisions, he adds.
International, - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - {}

Selling Chinese companies short becomes complex - {}

Spain On The Brink As Italy Commits Fiscal Suicide _
Last week, after the failure by Italy's Monti government to repeal “Article 18," I worried out loud (on the Buzz & Banter, subscription required) when Italy’s sovereign bond spiral would begin anew.  By the look of things, it did not take long at all.  Let me expand a bit as to where I think we are and how we got here. Here, by the way, is Italy committing fiscal suicide virtually overnight. {}

Eurozone crisis: Why it may not be over yet
Apparently, global investors are having second thoughts about the eurozone crisis. They've decided it might not be over, after all. BBC News - {}

The price of gas relative to the price of milk has been trending upwards for the past 40 years: Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: Quantitative Time Travellers

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

St Paul's April 11th


New Europe Woes Hit Global Markets -
A wave of selling rolled through financial markets on both sides of the Atlantic Tuesday, shattering a calm that has pervaded global markets for the past few months, as concerns flared anew about Europe's troubled economies. {}

Argentina, Elliott, and the pari passu war | Felix Salmon {}
heavy going....

Indian jewelers interrupt gold strike | Emerging Markets | Emerging Money {}

I'm Worried , Cumberland Advisors - Market Commentary {}

Botella's Battle: Madrid's Mayor Chips Away at Debt and Tradition - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International {}

China, Philippines locked in naval standoff - {}

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Tuesday.. slow start back

China returned to an export-led trade surplus in March, heralding the prospect that the global economy may be passing its low point in the current cycle and lifting overseas orders just in time to compensate for a slowdown in domestic demand.

Greek debt – remember the goats | MacroScope {}

China faces 'timebomb' of ageing population | World news |
Life expectancy in China is increasing but the number of young adults is plummeting due to strict birth control policiesThe Guardian {}

Thursday, 5 April 2012



So much for China’s year of doing nothing -
With a high stakes, once-in-a-decade leadership transition scheduled for autumn, most analysts thought backroom political horse-trading would keep any big policy initiatives on the backburner until a new generation had safely taken over the reins of power.

Relatively easy solutions for Europe.
Obviously if there were a really easy solution to Europe's economic problems they would be solved already, but I don't think we should go too far down the path of "no easy solutions" here. {}

Günter Grass's Lyrical First Strike
Never in the history of postwar Germany has a prominent intellectual attacked Israel in such a cliche-laden way as Günter Grass with his controversial new poem, "What Must Be Said." The Nobel Prize laureate has delivered a lyrical first strike against Israel.

Markets Fear End of Stimulus -
Fears that the central banks of Europe and the U.S. may soon end efforts to support financial markets as well as fresh concerns about the health of Europe's weakest countries drove down stock markets around the world Wednesday.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

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China wine drinkers move upscale, taking pressure off brewers
China’s increasingly sophisticated wine buyers are picking up fewer bottes at higher prices, which gives the country’s leading beer makers plenty of room to flourish at the lower end of the liquor market.

The War Against Youth (US)
The Big Picture {}

How China Steals Our Secrets -
US: FOR the last two months, senior government officials and private-sector experts have paraded before Congress and described in alarming terms a silent threat

FT Alphaville » Raison d’etat and leaving the euro, by Jurre (aged 11)
Everyone is talking about an 11-year-old boy's solution to the Greek crisis {}

Spain's debts to hit 20-year high
Spanish government bonds suffer as admission debt-to-GDP ratio will reach 79.8% fans fears Spain will need bailout
 The Guardian {}

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ranking the Web's Best 2012 April Fool's Jokes - Digits - WSJ {}

Airline Security After 9/11 — Towards a Kafkaesque World | Farnam Street {}

The World from Berlin: 'Even a 1-Trillion Euro Firewall Wouldn't Be Enough'
European finance ministers meeting in Copenhagen on Friday agreed to boost the euro-zone firewall to over 800 billion euros. The move marks another U-turn on the part of the Merkel administration, which recently dropped its opposition to increasing the fund. German commentators warn that even the new firewall may still be too small. SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International {}

Pink Slime update:  ASA Foods Blames 'Pink Slime' Controversy For Pushing It Into Bankruptcy {}

Monday, 2 April 2012

BBC News - DBS in $4.9bn Bank Danamon deal as it seeks expansion
DBS Group Holdings Ltd has agreed to buy a controlling stake in Indonesia's Bank Danamon in a deal worth 45.2tn Indonesian rupiah ($4.9bn; £3bn). {}

Chinese PMI: Big March Bounce, But How Will It Be Interpreted? The China slowdown fears have become more and more of an issue for the US stock market, you can see it in the massive under-performance of the energy and materials stocks YTD | The Reformed Broker {}

Why Natural Gas Is Cheap and Gasoline Isn’t -
The price of gas has fallen to the lowest level in a decade.
Both of those statements are true. The first refers to gasoline, the second to natural gas.

The Intelligent Investor: Keynes: One Mean Money Manager - A new analysis of the investment performance of John Maynard Keynes proves that the famous economist also was one of the greatest investors of the past century