Wednesday, 4 April 2012

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China wine drinkers move upscale, taking pressure off brewers
China’s increasingly sophisticated wine buyers are picking up fewer bottes at higher prices, which gives the country’s leading beer makers plenty of room to flourish at the lower end of the liquor market.

The War Against Youth (US)
The Big Picture {}

How China Steals Our Secrets -
US: FOR the last two months, senior government officials and private-sector experts have paraded before Congress and described in alarming terms a silent threat

FT Alphaville » Raison d’etat and leaving the euro, by Jurre (aged 11)
Everyone is talking about an 11-year-old boy's solution to the Greek crisis {}

Spain's debts to hit 20-year high
Spanish government bonds suffer as admission debt-to-GDP ratio will reach 79.8% fans fears Spain will need bailout
 The Guardian {}

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