Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ranking the Web's Best 2012 April Fool's Jokes - Digits - WSJ {http://on.wsj.com/HHo6Vk}

Airline Security After 9/11 — Towards a Kafkaesque World | Farnam Street {http://bit.ly/Hh2PnW}

The World from Berlin: 'Even a 1-Trillion Euro Firewall Wouldn't Be Enough'
European finance ministers meeting in Copenhagen on Friday agreed to boost the euro-zone firewall to over 800 billion euros. The move marks another U-turn on the part of the Merkel administration, which recently dropped its opposition to increasing the fund. German commentators warn that even the new firewall may still be too small. SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International {http://bit.ly/HTcY6X}

Pink Slime update:  ASA Foods Blames 'Pink Slime' Controversy For Pushing It Into Bankruptcy {http://read.bi/HTe5mV}

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