Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday the 13th, April 2012

What’s in the Emerging Markets Index? | The Reformed Broker {}

World Bank Cuts China 2012 Growth Outlook on Exports - Bloomberg {}

Bank of America sues itself — no joke - Nashville Business Journal {}

5 Most Useful Websites & Tools | The Big Picture {}

The Return of the Spanish Flu: Uncertainty about Spain Worries Euro Zone - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News -
The markets appeared to have forgotten about the euro crisis for a few weeks, but now uncertainty is returning, with yields rising again on Spanish and Italian government bonds. The effects of the ECB's massive cash injection are wearing off, and Spain's banks have already reportedly run out of the cheap cash they got from the central bank.International {}

Singapore GDP Rebounding Prompts Faster Currency Gains - Bloomberg {}

Patrick Chovanec, How Low Can Bo Go? Some thoughts on the big political drama unfolding in Beijing {}

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