Monday, 2 April 2012

BBC News - DBS in $4.9bn Bank Danamon deal as it seeks expansion
DBS Group Holdings Ltd has agreed to buy a controlling stake in Indonesia's Bank Danamon in a deal worth 45.2tn Indonesian rupiah ($4.9bn; £3bn). {}

Chinese PMI: Big March Bounce, But How Will It Be Interpreted? The China slowdown fears have become more and more of an issue for the US stock market, you can see it in the massive under-performance of the energy and materials stocks YTD | The Reformed Broker {}

Why Natural Gas Is Cheap and Gasoline Isn’t -
The price of gas has fallen to the lowest level in a decade.
Both of those statements are true. The first refers to gasoline, the second to natural gas.

The Intelligent Investor: Keynes: One Mean Money Manager - A new analysis of the investment performance of John Maynard Keynes proves that the famous economist also was one of the greatest investors of the past century

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