Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday 24th May

Eurobonds: The Issue That Could Shatter Europe
If the Germans give in and decide that they are willing to deeply subsidize their profligate neighbors indefinitely, then the euro could potentially be saved.  If not, then this issue could end up shattering Europe.

China Pledges More ‘Fine-Tuning’ in Support for Growth -
China’s leaders pledged to intensify “fine-tuning” of policies in the second government statement in four days signaling a commitment to growth as domestic demand slows and Europe’s debt crisis escalates.Bloomberg {}

UK's Top 10 most complained about financial products - Telegraph {}

Zero interest rate: can Britain's consumers learn from Japan? - Telegraph {}

China plans brokerage reforms to create its own Goldman Sachs
China is rolling out sweeping brokerage reforms to nurture future global investment banks that officials hope could eventually compete with the likes of Goldman Sachs (GS.N) and Morgan Stanley (MS.N), a regulatory document showed.
Reuters {}

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