Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday 27th

A lot of press over the weekend covering the top 1% killing the American dream. Tom Perkins asks whether a "progressive Kristallnacht" is coming, with the rising tide of hatred of the successful one percent
Venture Capitalist Compares Liberal Fight Against Gross Inequality To Kristallnacht
Then Krugman as a small piece here covering it and boasting his American political history
Paul Krugman: Paranoia of the Plutocrats{}

less contagious than it looks but good breakdown of recent global currency moves
Interpreting Recent Emerging Market Currency Movements

On the big sell-off in emerging market currencies in The Economist. The broader question is whether these sell-offs are just "little local difficulties" or are a herald of a 1997/1998-style collapse?
The perils of denial

Don’t Assassinate Your Small Investor Advantage, 
Go Small If You Want the Best Returns

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