Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tuesday 5th June

Germany Signals Crisis Shift
Berlin Begins Outlining Conditions for Sharing More Risk With Other Countries in the Euro Zone

Calm down, calm down

IPads On A Plane Let Scoot Save Fuel By Shedding TV Tons
Scoot Pte is offering Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPads to budget long-haul travelers after ripping out aircraft entertainment systems weighing more than two tons to save fuel.

TOP READ In A Brilliant New Speech, George Soros Reveals The Exact Moment That Angela Merkel Started The Euro Crisis
Joe Weienthal - BI {http://read.bi/Kt67Iw}

on the above..  
George Soros and the two choices facing Europe

Europe: A few Key Dates this Month

PUTT-HEADS, (Caddyshack style)
Drunk and unruly golfers create a scandal at Atlanta country club

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