Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thursday 28th June

Barclays fined £290m as bid to manipulate interest rates is exposed
Bob Diamond forfeits bonus over bank's 'serious, widespread' breaches of City rules

The Really Big Show In Europe Is Italy
Although Italy does not have Spain’s banks, Greece’s economy, or Ireland’s deficits, it is easy to forget how close to the edge Rome reached last summer under the erratic leadership of Silvio Berlusconi. It may not be an exaggeration to say that Mr Monti has about a month to ensure it does not happen again.

Glenstrata, the tombstone
There’s quite a lot of brainpower getting it all so completely wrong.

France to Lift Minimum Wage in Bid to Rev Up Economy
French Socialist President François Hollande is set to increase the minimum wage by more than inflation, betting consumers will help revive the country's stalling economy, while his government levies more taxes on the wealthy and large corporations in a bid to reduce the budget deficit.

Chart: What Killed Us, Then and Now
The chart ranks the top ten causes of death for each year. In addition to the remarkable decline in mortality overal.

The Tragic Decline of Gibraltar's Spanish Neighbour
Many places in Spain are suffering as a result of the euro crisis, but few have been hit as hard as La Línea, a Spanish town which neighbors the prosperous British overseas territory of Gibraltar. With the city on the verge of bankruptcy, many residents have turned to smuggling to earn money.

Former Online Brokerage Chief Offers Handy How-To-Guide Re: Getting Banned From The Securities Industry

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