Thursday, 7 June 2012

Thursday 7th June

Conservative Spanish Newspaper Blasts French Newspaper For Stoking Panic
In response to French daily Libération's "SOS Spain" front page, the conservative newspaper notes that "despite the alarmism of the European press, the markets enjoyed another day of calm and the risk premium fell below 500 points." Original article in La Razón

'We Like to Live Beyond Our Means'
Greek writer Nikos Dimou analyses the state of his country's psyche, describing the "deep fears that torment the Greek soul." He blames Greek politicians for the current crisis but insists the EU and Germany only have themselves to blame for the resentment that many Greeks feel.

China Wall Hit By Global Banks With 2% Market Share

Europe is in a muddle but it could also hold the solution
There's no easy fix to the crisis. But if finance is to be brought under control, it must be by bodies with power and credibility

China’s Growing Whisky Bubble
To the Chinese stock market and property bubbles, now add the whisky bubble.

The Wrong Austerity Cure
BERKELEY – Fiscal profligacy did not cause the sovereign-debt crisis engulfing Europe, and fiscal austerity will not solve it. On the contrary, such austerity has aggravated the crisis and now threatens to bring down the euro and throw the global economy into another tailspin.

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