Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday the 24th

Eurozone analysis: Spanish bailout is now inevitable
Spain has a collapsing economy, an imploding property market, banks nursing colossal losses, and 10-year bond yields at 7.5%

U.S. economy weakened years before the crash
We tend to think of the 2008 financial crisis as the atom bomb that smashed the American economy, and from which we have yet to recover.
But what if our economic woes started far earlier than that? The recession officially began in December 2007

Spain bans short-selling for 3 months
Spain's stock market regulator banned short-selling on all Spanish securities on Monday for three months and said it may extend the ban beyond Oct. 23.

What’s Driving China’s Real Estate Rally? Part 1

Bubble Standards: Why the Poor Are on the Hook for the Housing Crash

US Economy Going from Bad to Worse: Roubini
A robust and self-sustaining U.S. recovery is not on the cards, and we should now expect below trend growth for many years to come, according to Nouriel Roubini, the economist famed for his bearish views.

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