Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday 18th July

Am I a China Bear?, Chovanec

Corn driving commodities, the drought driven rally

A Declining Euro Can't Cure All Ills

Whithering China?
China has reported the worst quarterly GDP growth, 7.6%, in almost three years. This is a less vicious downslide compared with the Global Financial Crisis if measured by peak-to-trough deceleration, but nearly as bad as in the Asian Financial Crisis.

Is China’s electricity data worth any of your precious attention?
The slowing growth in China’s electricity output and consumption has been drawing a lot of attention the past few months. Production in June growth was flat, year-on-year, prompting many questions as to how Q2 GDP managed to grow at 7.6 per cent.

Here's All You Need To Know About China's Fragile $2.2 Trillion Shadow Banking System

Another reason to admire Singapore

Know why nobody cares about Europe anymore?  Because we're all worried about the US now.

London 2012: an etiquette guide for Olympics visitors
How do you hire a Boris bike? Why are Brits always saying sorry? Do you look a bit like a terrorist? Find the answers in this guide for foreign visitors.
"Britons love bleak humour: that's why all the hire bikes are branded with the name of a bank currently being investigated for fixing interest rates. It's supposed to be funny."

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