Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday 27th

3BBC News - UK asks China to probe man's death in Chongqing
The British government has asked the Chinese authorities to look again into the death of a UK citizen. {http://bbc.in/H8Vo2E}

Economist's View: "Global Warming Close to Becoming Irreversible"
"Global Warming Close to Becoming Irreversible"
The skeptics have decided that evidence isn't really evidence -- it's a grand conspiracy of thousands to fool the public -- so no amount of evidence will matter. Nevertheless, this is worth noting: {http://bit.ly/H8XmQA}

Emerging Asia: Two Paths through the Storm
The overall effect of the global financial crisis on emerging Asia was limited and short-lived. However, the crisis affected some countries in the region more than others.

China Adjusts
Views on the Economy and the World
The world is waiting to see whether China has successfully achieved a soft landing, slowing down the economy from its overheated state of a year ago to a more sustainable rate of growth. Some China-watchers fear it could hit the ground in a crash landing as have other Asian dragons before it. But others, particularly American politicians in this presidential election year, talk only about one thing: the trade balance.

"China’s Stability Gambit"  Project Syndicate
' By addressing the interplay between economic and political risks to stability, the government is clearing the way for the next phase of China’s extraordinary development. I would not advise betting against their commitment to achieving that goal.' {http://bit.ly/H8YTX0}

Asian equities: dilution? What dilution? Shareholders are often wary of companies issuing new stock, fearful of the dilution. But Citigroup has found that in emerging Asia, this isn’t necessarily the case. FT.com {http://on.ft.com/GTisyg}

Eurozone debt crisis: how Greece could exit the euro -
As global companies draw up contingency plans for a Greek exit from the euro, we examine the feasibility of Athens’ departure – from new drachmas to illegality and €1 trillion costs.
Telegraph {http://tgr.ph/GTiAxL}

China Financial Markets » I would like to make a bet with The Economist 'I have always been a little skeptical about the 2027 claim' {http://bit.ly/H75y55}

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