Wednesday, 28 March 2012

*Greece's Fringe Parties Surge Amid Bailout Ire
ATHENS—Weeks after agreeing to an agonizing bailout deal with Europe, Greece is splintering politically ahead of national elections, raising the risk that it won't be able to make the economic sacrifices still needed to keep it in the euro.

*Jamie slamming - Benign pink slime
Here's a feather in Jamie Oliver's cap: With ample help from the media, the increasingly insufferable British celebrity chef's long campaign against a perfectly safe food product has at least temporarily cost some 600 people their jobs.

*Spain to slash spending as economy slumps back into recession. Spain’s fragile economy has fallen back into recession and the country faces a year of grinding economic decline as premier Mariano Rajoy slashes spending yet further to meet EU demands.

Mitt Romney's hedge fund kingmaker - *Argentina owes me 2 Billion

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