Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wednesday 9th October

How Resource Scarcity Constrains China{}

Default Deniers

Understanding the Game Being Played in Washington

Rust and Ruin: The Downfall of Antarctic Whaling

The High Seas
How a high school-educated drug smuggler built a fleet of submarines—in the middle of the jungle—to ferry cocaine to the United States.

From the Sony Walkman to the humble zip: The past century’s top 100 inventions that changed our lives (yet most of us take for granted)

Liongold, Blumont, Asiasons fall out

The Real Story Behind Blumont, Asiasons And LionGol
Blumont, Asiasons, LionGold Plunge in Singapore
UPDATE 2-Blumont queries SGX's lifting of trading halt, reveals new chairman
What’s Happened to Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold Corp?

'Foolish' Bottom Line
Stock market prices can fluctuate irrationally and often wildly. That means to say that prices can keep rising even when the underlying businesses have poor fundamentals. If that’s the case, then don’t be surprised when the bottom falls out one day.
On the other hand, prices can collapse despite strong fundamentals. That’s when investors need to exercise discipline and not give into fear. A purchase during times of irrational distress can even set the stage for spectacular returns in the future.
Ultimately, investors have to recognise that business fundamentals are the main drivers of long-term shareholder returns. In the long run, it’s the businesses that matters.

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